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DejaView Photos


DejaView Photos offers a number of additional services to enhance and customize your photographs and documents.



A Composite combines or extracts elements from several sources to create a new image. For example, Uncle Oscar can be added to a photo of a family gathering he didn't attend. Mom and Dad can be placed in front of the family castle. A wide-eyed Jim can replace a blinking Jim on the reunion photo.

Sample 1 substitutes one photo of a person for another. The man on the left is smoking in the group photo; his lapel and his right hand are badly placed, and his right side is cropped off. His second photo is much better.

Sample 2 extracts an image from a photo for use as a separate image. The overlap from the second person was removed and reconstructed and the image was placed in an oval for framing.

Sample 3 takes elements from two snapshots to make one memorable picture. The hat from one photo is placed on the second photo. Shading and blending make the images fit. The image was silhouetted in an oval for a "cameo" look.



A Photo Collage of several images can show important events in a life or a family history, a great memento for a birthday or reunion. Beautiful memorial collages can be shared with family and friends. Collages can be a collection of individual pictures or blended together in an artistic composition.

Sample 1 celebrates a memorable birthday, focusing on the guest of honor and surrounded by images from his life. Many of the old photos were restored, retouched, and colorized.

Sample 2 celebrates a 20th wedding anniversary with pictures of the couple's past and present.

Sample 3 shows a memorial collage.



Photo Colorizing enhances a black-and-white picture with an overall color tone or spot coloring for a unique hand-tinted or antique look. Note that there is no attempt to create a modern color photo; color is used to enhance the atmosphere of the image.

Sample 1 is a black-and-white photo with natural tinting of the subject and background.

Sample 2 is a black-and-white photo treated with an overall sepiatone tint, in addition to a Light Restoration. A second treatment uses a light, natural tinting added to emphasize the subjects, leaving the background in black and white.

Sample 3 uses soft colors for an old-fashioned hand-colored effect on a black-and-white photograph.




Turn a favorite photo into a beautiful painting or drawing! Standard painting size is 11 x 14 inches; other sizes are available.


Sample 1 was created from a wedding photograph. A painterly technique was applied to a scanned image, giving it the appearance of a painting.


Sample 2 shows an illustration created from an old newspaper photo. Since there were few details in the original, it was posterized and colored.



Have a photo reproduced as a large-format Poster. Liven up a birthday party with posters of the guest-of-honor in younger days. Or decorate a child's room with posters of friends or pets.

Our standard poster size is 11 x 17 inches. The large poster is
13 x 19 inches. Custom size orders can be requested (up to 35 inches wide).

Please note that photos can only be enlarged so much without loss of quality in the image. The size and sharpness of the original are the determining factors. We'd be happy to suggest a size based on your original.


Special Projects

Time for a special gathering or reunion of family, college friends, military buddies, or business associates? Let us create a memorable poster or keepsake for the event.



Digital Scrapbook

Assemble your photos, captions, and stories in a PDF file. We can create a PDF to share, view, and print with free Adobe Reader software.

Make a slide show of your photos. The HTML web files can be viewed from the CD with a web browser. Or you can upload the files to a personal web site.

If your order includes a minimum of 20 photos, HTML web files are automatically included on the CD archive.

The PDF or HTML files are included with your project on your CD archive, can also be saved on separate CDs for gift-giving.