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Two Ways to Place an Order

We accept both original photographs and scans of your photos.

  Use our E-mail Order Form to upload your scanned images and instructions. See the Scanning Guidelines for instructions on preparing high-resolution scans if you prefer to submit scanned photos rather than your original photos.

  Use our Print Order Form and mail with your original photos. See the Shipping Guidelines for information about packaging and shipping your photos.

Credit Card Payment: Since you are placing a custom order, we will contact you when your order is received to give you a price. Your payment will be processed through Paypal so we don't handle or store your credit card information.

Please Note: Uploading the form with the file attachment may take a while, depending on the size of the file and your Internet connection speed. Please press the SEND button only once and be patient. If you're sending multiple files, you might prefer to write the files to a CD or flash drive and mail it to us with our Print Order Form. All materials will be returned with your completed project.

Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final and non-refundable. If you receive a damaged archive, please contact us immediately and we will ship a replacement within 2–3 days.




Includes scanning of 1 photo (Basic Service) with a print* and an archive of 3 files for $30.00, or a print* and the Web file (emailed to you) for $20.00.

Add one or more of our Optional Service with a print* and an archive of 3 files for $25.00 plus the optional service cost, or a print* and the emailed Web file for $15.00 plus the optional service cost.

*Choose one 8x10" print, two 5x7" prints, two 4x6" prints, or four 2x3" prints.


Includes scanning up to 10 images (photos, negatives, slides, drawings, and documents), one print* of each image and an archive of 3 files of each image (high-resolution TIFF file, medium-resolution TIFF file, low-resolution JPEG file). Images are sharpened slightly and cropped if requested. Oversized originals are generally counted as two images.

An HTML preview file that can be viewed with your web browser is included with orders of 20 or more photos.

*Choose one 8x10" print, two 5x7" prints, two 4x6" prints, or four 2x3" prints.


Because many of the techniques are priced individually (based on time), and requests are often made for a number of options, we will email exact pricing on receipt of your pictures and instructions. You must confirm acceptance of the pricing and provide payment information before we can proceed with your order.


LIGHT restoration  $25 per image

Basic sharpening and brightening to enhance the clarity of an image; removal of dust, spots, and scratches; and repair to minor damage on edges and background areas of the image.

HEAVY restoration $70 per image

General clean-up of an image; contrast enhancement and sharpening; removal of color casts; repair of scratches, cracks, and stains; and repair of minor damage to the image.

EXTREME restoration  $110 per image

Reconstructive work, repair of damage to central part of the image, repair of torn images.


(Priced individually) Combining images from more than one source to create a single new image, such as changing the background of a photo or adding or removing a person or other elements to a photo.


(Priced individually) Converting an image to an antiqued sepiatone (rosy-brown) or other monochromatic coloration; adding spot color to the main focus of a photo; giving an old-fashioned hand-colored effect to a black & white picture; or enhancing natural colors on a faded picture.


(Priced individually) Grouping several images into a pleasing layout, usually following a common theme (family members, important stages in one person's life, etc.). Pictures can be grouped as a collection of individual pictures or blended, overlapped, or silhouetted in an artistic composition.


(Priced individually) Applying a painterly technique to a photograph, giving it the appearance of a painting, drawing, or linecut print.


Printing an image as a large-format poster: Standard 11x17" print $20, Large 13x19" print $25, Custom (as requested, up to 35 inches wide x variable height, priced individually)


(Priced individually) Preparing images to make a special presentation. Let us custom-design a picture or group of pictures to capture your Special Event. Share your pictures digitally with our Digital Scrapbook.


8 x 10" $5 each; 11 x 17" $15 each; 13 x 19" $20 each.

*Note: for an 8x10" print, you can substitute two 5x7", two 4x6" or four 2x3" prints.

(Prices effective January 2017)