DejaView Photos

DejaView Photos


Three levels of restoration are available: Light, Heavy, and Extreme, determined by the amount of time required to restore a photograph.  Point your cursor at each of the restored images to see the original photo.

Light Restoration

Light Restoration includes basic sharpening and brightening to enhance the clarity of an image. Dust spots and scratches are removed. Repairs are made to minor damage on edges and background areas of the image.

This image was sharpened and brightened considerably. The original photograph was washed out and had a color cast. Minor blemishes on the photo were removed or softened.

Heavy Restoration

Heavy Restoration includes the general clean-up of an image, with removal of color casts; repair of scratches, cracks, and stains; and contrast enhancement and sharpening.

The background of sample 1 was softened to make the subject stand out better, cracks and marks were removed, and the face was sharpened and enhanced. Torn edges were replaced on sample 2, cracks and damage were repaired, the image was sharpened, and the contrast improved.


On sample 3, a faded, yellowed, hand-colored original was thoroughly cleaned, yellowing reduced, original colors restored, and image contrast enhanced.

Extreme Restoration

Extreme Restoration includes reconstructive work, with repair of damage to central part of the image and repair of torn images.

Sample 1 was torn, faded, and damaged with spots and cracks on the image. Parts of the background were recreated; the sky was softened. The woman's image was extensively repaired, then sharpened and enhanced to stand out from the background.

Sample 2 was a badly faded and damaged original. It was thoroughly repaired and restored.